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The Grass is Greenest When you Cut Down The Fence

green grass toyota dolphin choicesI can hop the fence back and forth all day, and it seems the grass on the other side eventually starts to always appear greener simply because it is on the opposite side. This internal conflict has really caused me to question myself at times. What do I want? Do I only want what I don’t have? Will I ever be completely satisfied? What am I searching for? Am I living in the future?

I have always had this need to try different versions of my Read more

Wandering thoughts in a Wandering State

I am aimless. Wandering. I stop to remind myself that I am finally experiencing the very thing I have wanted to experience for years. I can jump behind the wheel of my rig and just drive to wherever my little heart wants whenever I want. Yet, it’s funny what happens once we get to that place we have dreamed of magically for so long. Now that moment is here for me and I strangely find myself Read more

Cook Like a Neanderthal. And a cowboy.

Cooking over a fire has got to be one of my very favorite things to do. There is something primal about it. I dream of the day I will design and build my outdoor kitchen complete with a fire-cooking station. It’s an extremely rewarding way to cook because it takes time and patience, and these meals taste better for it. If you like cooking and have never tried cooking over a fire, I strongly encourage you to try it!

Now you won’t be using any of those Read more

A Favorite Thing to do with Girlfriends


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The Badass Badlands of South Dakota

Wind swept off the South Dakota land and straight into Stud’s sides. Then came rain. Oh and I-90 decided to close their west bound lanes down for several miles, siphoning us vehicles into one lane on the east bound side of the highway. With each oncoming semi that passed in the narrow lane next to me, a gust of rain and wind slammed into Stud, shaking him violently and covering his windshield in a wall of water. And each time, I cursed helplessly while Read more

Night, this Night, of My Life

A place of childhood memories, painted in blue skies and sandy shores and salty waters. After just an evening in this place now, tonight, I see it all in a new way. The way a person that Read more


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