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Blue Tuesday Morning

I awoke with the earliest of songbirds this fine morning, when the rooms of my home were cast in that blue light I so adore. It pulled me from bed and out into the naked air for a quiet saunter amongst squirrels and American robins.

Now I sit on my front porch watching the world get brighter. The steam of my coffee must like the air as much as I do, for it swirls and dances as they meet. Gramma’s piano record is spinning on her old record player. She would have loved this old house. The porch is tucked under a broad overhanging roof so typical of the bungalows in this area. Faded paint on the old wooden floor boards reminds me of that crayon called indian red. I think they renamed that color of crayon, but it Read more

Wanting to Want, Tribes and Just Being Our Freakin’ Selves

I follow This dude travels in his van and prefers to sleep in remote areas where there are no people. He does this alone. His stories are wonderful. I also follow the blogs of a bunch of other people that are also solo nomads, both men and women, and they, too, park in remote areas by themselves to sleep for the night.

I couldn’t do this when I was living in the dolphin. On the nights I was alone, I only ever slept in Read more

The Grass is Greenest When you Cut Down The Fence

green grass toyota dolphin choicesI can hop the fence back and forth all day, and it seems the grass on the other side eventually starts to always appear greener simply because it is on the opposite side. This internal conflict has really caused me to question myself at times. What do I want? Do I only want what I don’t have? Will I ever be completely satisfied? What am I searching for? Am I living in the future?

I have always had this need to try different versions of my Read more

Wandering thoughts in a Wandering State

I am aimless. Wandering. I stop to remind myself that I am finally experiencing the very thing I have wanted to experience for years. I can jump behind the wheel of my rig and just drive to wherever my little heart wants whenever I want. Yet, it’s funny what happens once we get to that place we have dreamed of magically for so long. Now that moment is here for me and I strangely find myself Read more

Cook Like a Neanderthal. And a cowboy.

Cooking over a fire has got to be one of my very favorite things to do. There is something primal about it. I dream of the day I will design and build my outdoor kitchen complete with a fire-cooking station. It’s an extremely rewarding way to cook because it takes time and patience, and these meals taste better for it. If you like cooking and have never tried cooking over a fire, I strongly encourage you to try it!

Now you won’t be using any of those Read more

A Favorite Thing to do with Girlfriends


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