Balancing “Is” and “Could Be”

journeyfoot is and could be

I know I will miss these mornings. I know I will dream of their early light and warmth once we move a bit further around the sun, pulling her into a new stretch of our sky; a lower one. Once the leaves have started to drop themselves onto the cement sidewalks where I walk, imprinting themselves into the path below my feet. It won’t be too long before a small hue of cold colors the air, and from there Continue reading

A Day Last Week

The kids of summer play at the park just out behind my back yard. Sage rests easily in the orangey-green grass. My coffee has not ended yet today, and I always get excited when I have more left in the pot. Five cups a day, usually done by 1.

Substance of ideas flood my mind, saturating into the fibers of it, staining my thoughts. The thoughts are colorful and woven erratically, and I must simply trust they will Continue reading