Rediscovering Self + Revealing to Other


There are so many things to say and how could I ever say them all?

I am trying to capture my writing in small compartments of time. Little pockets of thought that arrive effortlessly in my mind. And lately I have welcomed them as they are, rather than seeing what they are not. These bursts of creativity often go unexplored because I don’t have the capacity of time or energy or whatever else I can come up with to justify my hesitation in exploring them. The spark comes up from somewhere deep and perhaps I don’t have a pen or a piece of paper or I am in the middle of a social setting or driving or even the middle of a conversation. Maybe I should start recording the conversations to go back to them. That’s the problem. I am obsessed with Continue reading

July 6 Questionings

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Aye, it is July. Already. Where have the days gone?

Five weeks in California passed by quickly. I recall the beginning, and all the doors were open. Possibility and hope and excitement. And now it’s all been done. The story has been written. Everything that was to be done has either been done or not. It’s over. Did I do it as best as I could? As I should have? These thoughts always creep in when I have returned from some endeavor, and I choose to not give them much attention these days. I don’t need the guilt. It’s all self-imposed anyway.

I remember the periods of my life as though through Continue reading

29 Hours until Departure


We walk through the cool evening sky so darkly colored in an ever-deepening blue. There are no stars in this sky. This sky. The one that hangs heavy and low, the kind we know so well here in this land of earth and water and trees. The blue light seeps into my skin. We walk briskly through the park so green, strolling between large old houses and large old trees and the edge of a bluff. Down below runs the  Continue reading