Rainy Rambles

Get into it!
Get into it!

Eff me, man! I am writing this from my cozy giant bed of heaven and it is going to be a full-on ramble that perhaps may not make sense at times. I don’t care. It hasn’t even been one hour since I got home from my latest journeyfoot and I’m freezing cold and exhausted, and I have already fallen behind on this blog and still need to finish (and also start) my post about my adventure with Carlos on the Pacific Crest Trail down in SoCal last weekend.  That is coming soon, but for now, I’m going to try to type as best as I can with these icicle fingers of mine.

Not once where I stepped on the earth today was water not falling from the sky. To put it lightly, it was raining that December Seattle rain that never stops. And I mean never stops. In the three hours and forty-six minutes and six seconds that I was out there under our great big sky, I was being rained on. At points it was a “light” rain. Other times it was a “pelting” rain. Most of the time it was a “constant, steady, non-stop, ongoing, wet, dark, dreary” rain. And I loved every single second of it!

You’d have to really like rain to even spend an hour doing what I just did. You’d have to be crazy to actually enjoy doing what I just did. I am a crazy rain-lover.

Just a few things off the top of my head:

– Time to invest in some Gore-Tex. Immediately.

– I now have no reason to not believe that Seattle has the best parks out of any city. After running into Woodland Park today, I realize that every Seattle park I come across is amazing and wooded. If Seattle wasn’t here, it would just be forest. The trees in Woodland Park felt really old. There were dozens of horseshoe pits that I can’t wait to visit. While accidentally passing through this empty park, I came across a tight rope walker just cruising over his line in the pouring rain all by himself. Awesome. The next human life I saw was a group of young kids playing laser tag with wooden laser guns. The next was a friendly, cool-looking homeless dude smoking a cig who asked if I had a dollar.

– The man at the coffee shop in Greenlake called me a “true northwesterner”. I don’t know his reasoning, but I’m guessing it had something to do with me journeyfooting through the Sunday rain. Whatever his reason, I liked his description of me.

– Seattle has a lot of hills. A lot. I know this because I became quite familiar with many of them today.

– People in Seattle are friendlier in the rain. Or maybe it’s the people that are walking the streets in the rain are happier or something. I don’t know, but I see far more smiles on the faces under rain jacket hoods than I do in rain-free weather. It almost feels like we share a bond. To me, our unspoken conversation when we meet eyes in passing is “great weather, huh? You must be just as crazy as I am to be out here and still smiling.”

– There is a special kind of exciting fear when it starts to get dark and you are nowhere close to being home. It’s almost like a happy panic. From a corner pocket of myself comes this determination and perseverance (I know it sounds dumb) that drowns out any aching knee or cold finger tips or lead legs. There is only one thing to do: keep moving.

– I have no guilt for eating a giant bacon deluxe cheeseburger and jumbo onion rings after walking 14 miles in the rain. I have no guilt for topping that all off with a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food.

And now I am going to pop in a movie and enjoy this rainy night from the warmth of my bedroom. Ciao!

Check out my route. I apologize for the vulgar title of the map, but that’s the first thing that came to mind when I had just finished the journeyfoot and now I am too lazy to change it.

Red Mill gone

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