Do You Know What Time the Sun Rises?

Sun rising over Montana wheat fields (July 2012)

I am a bit fascinated by the changes in the length of daylight throughout the year, and I find great joy in knowledgeably saying to myself “in x days, there will be x more minutes of sun in the sky” (even if it’s hidden by the Seattle clouds). In my particular place on the earth this seventh day of February, the length of day as measured by the difference in time between sunrise and sunset is 9 hours and 53 minutes and 31 seconds. In just one short month, on March 7th, the length of day will be 11 hours and 26 minutes and 5 seconds. That is over an hour and a half more “day” to enjoy. And by the time the longest Seattle day swings through in June, the sun won’t set until 9:11 PM! Who wouldn’t be excited about that?!?! (besides vamps and our mates down under…)

I used to visit as my source of this particular information, but I recently downloaded a phone app that is just as great. I must say it’s my new favorite app. Check it out: Sundroid! If you are having the winter blues, which is something that creeps up about this time of year especially here in Seattle, then maybe the steady daily increase of a few minutes more of daylight can be your source of comfort and hope.

Aside from producing excitement over the ever-approaching Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, knowing when the sun rises and sets is a great way to prepare for your outdoor adventures. I love morning walks. With my nifty new app, I can get into bed at night, pull out my phone and find out precisely when the sun is going to rise over the Cascades so that I know exactly what time I should set my alarm to start chirping. I personally will plan to leave my house about 30 minutes before the sun is due to rise. There is something so special about getting outside just before the sun lights up the sky, and then soaking yourself in those first moments of morning. No matter if it is clear or rainy, or if you are in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of a city… Mornings are special.

Where are you, and what time will the sun be rising next in your neck of the woods?


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