JOURNEYFOOT CHALLENGE: Take Walks, Win Socks on National Walking Day

April 3rd is the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day 2013. In support of this, I am launching a Journeyfoot Challenge. Those who complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing for one pair of amazing socks to reward your hardworking feet: Thorlo Unisex WMM Walking socks. So what’s the challenge, you say?All you gotta do is follow these three easy steps:


In the comments section below, write down a personal walking pledge to honor on Wednesday, April 3rd AND your reason for choosing your pledge. There are two goals for your pledge:  To walk and to challenge yourself. If you never walk, maybe you pledge to walk for ten minutes. If you’re a daily walker, pledge to tack on some additional miles to your existing routine. Get creative!

Example: On April 3rd, I pledge to walk five laps around the baseball field while my son has practice because normally I sit in the stands and read the latest journeyfoot posts. 

Other Ideas:

  • Walk to work instead of driving your car or taking the bus
  • Walk for x minutes or for x distance
  • Walk your kids to the bus stop instead of driving
  • Take a walk with a co-worker during your lunch break
  • Hike that trail you’ve been meaning to hike
  • Summit a peak
  • Take a romantic evening stroll with your special one
  • Speed walk around the local mall

Whatever you choose as your walking challenge, be realistic. Make sure it’s something you will be able to commit to for April 3rd. In other words, don’t pledge something you know you aren’t going to do. On the flip side, make sure to challenge yourself!


This is very self-explanatory.


Return to and reply to your original comment to let me know you completed your mission. In order to be included in the drawing for a pair of the greatest socks ever, be sure to do this no later than 6PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, April 4th. This is the honor system so please, if you didn’t fulfill your pledge, then don’t say you did or karma will get you.


Oh, and if you want to add one more step while you’re at it… Follow Journeyfoot via email by entering your email address in the top right corner 😉

Small Print: While people from around the world are encouraged to participate, socks will only be shipped to US and Canadian addresses. 

Let’s go get our walk on!

American Heart Association National Walking Day


  • I pledge to get out of bed and walk to my local coffee shop to start my day on April 3rd instead of sluggishly stumbling into my kitchen to brew a cup. The distance isn’t too challenging but taking time before I start my work day is tough for me, I usually open my computer within minutes of opening my eyes.


  • I pledge to start walking to/from work everyday beginning April 3rd. The cold winter months are over and now it’s time to start walking everywhere! If I walk to/from work (including my lunch hour) i can journeyfoot about 1.75 – 2 miles. I also pledge to walk a fun trail with my Mom that weekend – she’ll be here visiting for my b’day 🙂


    • Well I honored my pledge yesterday on a beautiful, sunny day. I walked to work, back home for lunch (aka chores), back to work and back home after work!
      I walked along the path that is only three doors down from my house and across the street from work… you’ve been on it before with me – it’s along the river. I prefer this trail, but sometimes I like a nice stroll down mainstreet for some window shopping. It is so nice to finally be able to walk now that it’s Spring… I’ll be journeyfooting until next winter!

      Have fun on the coast! I hope you don’t need to use your first aid kit 😉


  • I pledge to walk for an hour on my lunch break! I am lucky enough to work Downtown Seattle with the Pike Place Market not far away. I plan to walk to the market and get some fresh flowers!


  • I pledge to get up early and walk with Kylee to the Mill Creek Trail that morning, round trip its 4 to 5 miles.

    Since I have a meeting that day at 11 a.m with the Journey Foot CEO herself, I pledge to walk with her to get lunch and she can teach me her wisdom she has gathered from many journeyfoots.


  • I pledge to walk around my school campus during every free moment I have on April 3rd because I am there from 8am to 8pm on Wednesdays! My breaks from workin’ my brain will be spent workin’ my legs and journeyfeet on National Walking Day 🙂


  • I pledge to take the Mill Creek Trail in the evening after work, come rain or shine, and I pledge to go as far as my legs will allow until they get wobbly~ I need to start doing this daily anyways, so April 3rd will begin my personal journeyfoot.


  • I pledge to take my boy charlie(my dog) and my boy Gavin to the boardwalk park right down the street from us and walk this evening~~I will look around at the beautiful swamp park with all the wildlife that lives there,heck maybe I will see a crocodile,haha,NOT…I am looking forward to this day and plan to do it often:)


  • I am not much of a walker. But here goes my pledge:
    I will wake up and walk to the bathroom, and take a standing-break as I shower. Then walk to the kitchen to feed my future journeyfooting. After fully nourished, I will muster the might to walk to my vehicle to drive to class. Once parked, in the furthest parking lot and spot available (obviously), I will begin my first short journeyfoot of the day. After class I will be doubling back on the first journeyfoot to the far away parking lot, deemed Lot “Z”. I will more than likely walk a few steps while at work (whichever and however many, TBD). Once home, I will embark on a lengthy, uphill journeyfoot after I longboard down the local hills.

    Will have a busy day on the 3rd between class, work and packing for a weekend of journeyfooting with a fellow journeyfooter. Probably best I save some energy and my journeyfeet from any journeyblisters by keeping the journeyfooting to a minimum.


    • At the top of the hill I found out one of my friends got hurt longboarding and this would be a great moment to put the brakes on long boarding, but I ignored all forewarning and made it down the hill avoiding all obstacles and had a great walk back up on a nice cloudy day with good conversation. I love journeyfooting.


  • I pledge to walk the 140th street hill, as I have not done this in forever and uphill journeyfooting is more challenging than the flat road journeyfooting I have been doing! I will try and get the girls to join me, that would be a miracle though!


    • Hey Jayme! I honored my pledge although by myself as the girls were sick! I did take Henry though and he is the son I never had so at least one of my “kids” went with me! It was really quite warm yesterday so it was nice to take a walk although this hill is way too loud with traffic, I need to find another hill with less traffic!


      • Nice work Jenn!! You’re the first to have confirmed you fulfilled your pledge! 🙂 For now, you have a 100% chance of winning the socks! hehe


  • I pledge to wake up tomorrow and journeyfoot to my favorite coffee place. I hopefully can flirt with some of the superkind girls that work there. That would make my morning. I may tell some of my journeyfoot stories to attract some attention. Or maybe not, someone my think I´m a freak like Jayme A.K.A Cherokee.
    From the coffee shop I´m planning to walk down to law st. It is a perfect spot to check out the waves from the top of the cliff. Then I´ll come back home to get ready to surf and after surfing get ready to watch Real Madrid- Galatasaray for the Champions League. The walk and the surf will help me to relax before the tension of the game.
    I´ll dedicate this Journeyfoot to my friend Cherokee. I know she will be rich one day so with this little dedications she my share some of her earnings in the future !!

    Have fun comrades and happy journeyfoot 😉


  • I pledge to climb a mountain!

    This particular mountain I’m going to climb is in the suburb of Bellevue, in the neighborhood of Somerset. Because this mountain only tops out at 1200 feet, I will leave the ice axes, crampons, ropes, and general alpine gear at home as I will not have to cross any snowfields, crevasses, etcetera. What I will bring is my skateboard, so I can practice the ancient Hawaiian sport of papa holua (English translation: “to slide down the hill”) After I “slide” down the mountain, I pledge to walk back up and do it all over again, and again, and again!

    Now where are my socks? No, seriously!


  • I have a meeting until 7, so usally don’t walk the dogs that late, but since it is National Walking Day, I will get those pups out for a walk when I get home! They will thank you for this journeyfoot challenge.


    • As I was planning on heading out fo a dark walk with the pup, a went to tend to a screaming child and got vomited on, which was the start of a less than stellar night as a mom! I did not meet my challenge on April 3, but we did instead go for a nice evenign walk on the 4th and the fresh air was good for all of us!


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