Pic Me Up

Some random photos to start the weekend off…

Pat’s Hiking Shoes

Check these puppies out! My buddy Pat, who lives down in San Diego, refuses to put these shoes to rest. He even wore them when we went out in Hollywood. hiking shoes journeyfoot  


Hollywood Sidewalk art  

I found this during a night time Journeyfoot through Hollywood.hollywood journeyfoot


Bugged in Alaska

My friend Joe Gorman took this picture of our license plate while we were on a road trip from Fairbanks to Denver in the summer of 2012. alaska journeyfoot


Unicorn without its Horn

Isn’t this a unicorn? I’m pretty sure it is! This beauty posed for me outside of Durango.


Not a Shitty Place to Shit

We stumbled across this on a Valentine’s Day night walk to Seattle Center.


Driving Doggy

I’m sorry but I just think this is the funniest thing ever. Am I the only one?

Driving Dog


Caffeine and Solar Power

I took a few moments to sip coffee on the curb outside my hotel during a work trip to San Diego in November. The warmth of the sun was amazing.

morning coffee journeyfoot


29 in the Enchantments

Last July, I began the last year of my twenties backpacking the Enchantments. Highly recommend checking out this area! Just be sure to get a permit first.

the enchantments journeyfoot

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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