Maiden Voyage of Maidens

You may have noticed a countdown widget on the top right of this blog. Next week one of my best friends is flying in to Seattle and then we will embark on the camper’s maiden voyage: the Mid May Minnesota Maiden Voyage, or 4mV as I have been calling it.

Katy is an artist based in San Diego, but she is heading to her home state of Minnesota to spend a good chunk of summer. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to stretch the legs of the motorhome. We will have lots of updates on the way, so be sure to come along for the ride. I’ll be posting to both and Journeyfoot’s Facebook Page. Katy should have some great posts from a different perspective, so feel free to check out her website at and the Katy Helen Art Facebook page.

Katy will stay in Minnesota and I will start the return trip to Seattle with another great friend. Stay tuned!

Journeyfoot Mid May Minnesota Maiden Voyage




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