RV Remodel, 1: Before + After Overview

Seven months ago, back when leaves were just starting to cover the wet roads and the holidays were still on the horizon, I started a huge adventure. I sold a bunch of my stuff, moved out of my apartment and purchased a 1987 Toyota Dolphin from a man name Vic. Then began the renovations while I slept on couches in various places. What I thought would take a couple months ended up taking seven. Rotten wood, endless leaks, spider infestations, mice visitors … It’s been a trip, and now it’s really just beginning.

In just a few short days, I will be taking my camper on its maiden voyage. Seattle to Minnesota. And then back.

Here are some photos to give a brief overview of what it looked like back in October, and what it looks like currently. I will be posting more in the coming days/weeks. Enjoy!

New frame, insulation, walls, paint, platform, mattress, upholstery, vents….

The overcab was rotted due to water damage. Read about the overcab repairs.

Nothing against the 80s… It was my birth decade. But this is much more my style.

rv motorhome couch sofa remodel dolphin old fabric upholster

I used fabric paint to transform the swiveling captain chair. Read about it here.

rv remodel dolphin upholstery fabric paint journeyfoot

And out with the ugly shag carpet, in with affordable and easy to install floors! Read the DIY on floors.

Tell me what you think!


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