RV Remodel, 3: Overcab / Bed

When I bought my motorhome back in October, I did so knowing there was water damage in the overcab bunk, which would be my bed. I researched water leaks and overcab repairs for days before I made the decision to take on the biggest project of my life. I knew going into it that it would be a lot of work. What I didn’t know was how much and how long it would take.

When I started, I had no knowledge about RV construction or how to fix leaks or rebuild the entire front overcab or how to do anything related to motorhomes. I had no tools. I hadn’t really considered where I would park this while I worked on it. I didn’t even have a place to call home. And this is what I was working with:

Mmmm what do you think this smelled like?

So after countless hours spent on toyotamotorhome.org and other sites, where I tried to learn as much as I could about what this process was going to look like, I finally pulled the trigger. Step 1.

Journeyfoot Jayme

And from there, it was no turning back. Below is a short video of the entire renovation process in the overcab area only. Enjoy!




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