Early Season in Montana’s Glacier National Park

I first stepped foot in Glacier National Park in August 2012 on an Alaska-Colorado road trip with my friend Joe. We didn’t have much time, but what we did see was breathtaking. At the time, I claimed Glacier to be my favorite national park, and I promised myself I would return. I made good on my word this past weekend, and I still say it’s the best national park I have been to.

Some of the Going to the Sun Road through the park is still closed due to snow, but Katy and I were able to rent a boat on Lake McDonald. It was only the second day in operation this season, and we had the lake to ourselves.

Katy Helen Journeyfoot Glacier National Park

Katy Helen Journeyfoot Glacier National Park

Katy Helen Journeyfoot Glacier National Park


journeyfoot lake mcdonald glacier

journeyfoot lake mcdonald glacier

Lake mcdonald glacier journeyfoot

Journeyfoot glacier national park lake mcdonald

journeyfoot lake mcdonald


Lake mcdonald journeyfoot

Katy Helen art  Journeyfoot Glacier National Park

We fished without luck and sat down at the lodge for a delicious dinner of trout and bison, preceded by hot chocolate and followed by chocolate cake. Home that night was the gravel parking lot of the lodge.

glacier national park journeyfoot

Rain on the roof of the camper woke me the next morning. Before I was even dressed, I was behind the wheel and heading up to the furthest point we could travel on the road. We arrived at the Avalanche Lake trailhead before anyone else, and once again we were able to experience this amazing wilderness in solitude. Often times, especially in the summer, National Parks feel more like amusement parks than nature. I am finding that early season is a great time to explore these areas that might otherwise be busy.




I’m proud to be sporting a new GLAC sticker on my bumper. šŸ™‚



  • Love the pictures and I always enjoy your updates. I can’t believe how much you look like your mom, not only do you have her beauty you sure seem to have her spirit and it reflects in your writing, you see the world from a positive eye and that shows. Take care, drive safe and enjoy.


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