Returning to the PNW in Time for Summer


I had only been back in western Washington for a couple days when Jon and I snuck away for a night at his family’s property on the river. After so much time on the road, it was nice to get back to my guy, as well as the land that is most familiar to me. 

We caught a glimpse of something that was forgotten last September or so, an introduction to what will come in the months ahead. Warm air followed by a late afternoon shower. Summer is close. And soon Spring will be forgotten as we are pulled in deliciously distracting directions that only the heat of July and August can bring.

Late Spring journeys through Idaho and Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wyoming have prepared me well for the adventures that await here in the brilliant Pacific Northwest. This is the summer I have been waiting for. For the first time in my life, I don’t want to go anywhere if it takes me away from this very special corner of the world.

This summer, would you rather stay near home or travel to far away places?


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