Nail Polish, Makeup and Dirt

Dirt under nails journeyfoot

When it comes to hair and nails and makeup, I’m not much of the girly girl. I think I have had five or six manicures in my life, and most were for weddings. I usually go about, errr, a year between haircuts, which explains how quickly my hair can turn into a rat’s nest. And often there are several different colored layers of nail polish on my toes. Usually the paint is chipped and worn away.

Sometimes I wish I was the girl that always has perfect nails or styled hair or flawless skin, but I’m not. How one spends their time or money is a good indicator of what’s important to them, and I accept the fact that beautifying is just not that important to me. Don’t get me wrong – I love dressing up and looking cute and being clean. But the other half of me loves to get dirty.

And out in the wilderness, it’s as though I have full permission to become the most physically disgusting human that I can be. And I love it. I really do. It’s not because I enjoy looking or being gross; it’s the joy in letting go of trying to look good. It’s freedom. And it’s a chance to let your body do what it’s supposed to do without the mind worrying about what it looks like while doing it.

So yes, I actually enjoy the dirt under the nails, the musky scent that comes from underarms that haven’t been clouded in deodorant, the naked face with its blemishes. A slight sunburn is my kind of makeup. I like wiping my charcoaled hands on my dirty jeans or stepping in puddles. It means I have spent my time on the things that are most important to me personally. Collecting wood, building campfires, hiking, exploring. The outdoors are a place of freedom where I can do just that.

If you enjoy putting on makeup and curling your hair, then by all means keep doing it! And if you’re relaxing in your bikini at a resort pool, personal hygiene is quite important so I wouldn’t skip it. But if you’re the kind of girl that doesn’t mind getting dirty every now and again, the outdoors is the best place to skip the regular beauty routine. Just bring a hat and lots of wet wipes!


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