Journeyfeet Revealed: Unpretty but Loved

**CAUTION: Ugly, naked feet below. View at your own discretion.**

They aren’t pretty, these here feetsies of mine. Really high arches, lots of calluses, bunions, big nail beds and long toes. Sweaty feet, which means stinky feet. Oh. And I have a hammer toe. My friend Beth always says that if ever needed, they’ll be able to ID my body by that toe.

IMG_369I used to be embarrassed of my feet, so I would hide them whenever I could. Like in the line for the water slides at Wild Waves when I was at the age of just starting to become conscious of my body. Somewhere along the way, in my early to mid twenties, I stopped caring. I stopped being ashamed of them. I stopped hiding them. 



I turned 30 on Tuesday. Jon and I did a backpacking trip in the North Cascades of Washington. We hiked into Stehekin, a town only accessible by foot, boat or plane. The last day of my twenties was fully devoted to hiking my ass off. Eight or nine hours of hiking in the heat, mostly uphill. I didn’t go into thirty without a fight.

I think my feet knew they were turning thirty. They put real meaning into this whole Dirty Thirty thing. I also think I need either different shoes or different socks or different something. I can’t get different feet. When I took my shoes and socks off along the way, I found them white and wrinkled and wet as though they had been in water for weeks. They looked dead. The bottoms were covered in blisters. The toe nails sore. Aching, burning and throbbing. These three sensations happened all at the same time. 

journeyfoot hiking feet sore blisters wrinkled

It’s a few days later now, and I am wondering if my toe nail will fall off of the big toe on my right foot. It’s feeling pretty funky and looking a little… uh… purple. Pray for it.

bruised toe hiking

My feet look even uglier than normal, yet I want to cradle them and soothe them and thank them for what they have allowed me to experience. Who cares if they aren’t pretty? They have literally carried me to every place I have ever been in my entire life. Think about how many places your feet have brought you over the course of your life. 

journeyfoot feet hiking blister
He doesn’t care what my feet look like. What a guy.

People always say you learn to accept your body as you get older. That’s for the twenties. I accepted my ugly toes, and I am proving it by showing you the ugliest pictures I can of them, nice and big on your screen. This would have once been my worst nightmare. 

People also say you start to take care of your body better when you get older because you start to realize there is a need to do so. I think that’s going to be what the thirties are really about for me. Health and function versus beauty and appearance. 

I would gladly appreciate tips on improving foot condition during long hikes, as well as your own thoughts on getting older! Please share 🙂 


  • Funny stuff….love you from the top of your pretty head to the bottom of your ugly feet💋


  • You definitely need new hiking boots and socks, if your feet were that wet just from sweat your socks aren’t working right. And no way should your toenails be bruised like that. I think that’s from the foot sliding forward and being smunched against the shoe which means your shoes are probably too big, they shouldn’t move that much, same with the blisters. Unless you go to a place that specializes in hiking boots and they fit you with the right combination of socks and boots, you’ll have to use trial and error. I’d go with the REI, they could set you up pretty good I’d imagine. As far as your feet, just like your mom, when you have some many other beautiful aspects of you both inside and out, something has to balance it out or people will just hate on you for being perfect. I must say though, with the attention and love Jon is paying to your dastardly digits, he sure seems to be a keeper, when you have someone who loves you, all of you, warts, bunions, hammer toe and all then that person is worthy of your love and adoration.


    • Hahahah! Thanks Dave! You’re funny.

      I have a pair of Keens, but I’m thinking I need to try something else with more air flow to keep my sweaty feet more dry. Going to start some research. Thank you!!


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