Night, this Night, of My Life

A place of childhood memories, painted in blue skies and sandy shores and salty waters. After just an evening in this place now, tonight, I see it all in a new way. The way a person that lives here sees it. And my life in Stud has given me that.

journeyfootI walked down Main Street and then along the street running parallel to the tracks, parallel to the water. I walked east up into the neighborhoods with the sun lowering behind my back.

A group of young men played soccer in the green field while three girls cheered them on. Across the street, as I walked down the sidewalk, I caught a glimpse of a girl in cowboy boots between trees. And then again between other trees. And others. Each snap of an image pasted together to form a group of people line dancing and then the country twang hit my ears. Who are they and what are they dancing for? Fun I hope.

I wanted to ask the traveling circus if I could join their group of tents and rvs set out about the field next to their outdoor performance arena. The arena resembles an old baseball stadium from the seventies, with wooden stands. I didn’t do it. I’ll never be a journalist, will I?

Now I stare out my bedroom bubble window. It looks west. Out to the fading orange sky. People talk in the room just next to me. Their voices carry out their open windows and into mine. Am I afraid or content? Will this parking spot be alright for the night? Does anyone know I’m here? I hope not.


  • You certainly need to listen to your inner radar when you overnight park alone in an RV. I like the security of other vans not too far away but have parked in empty car parks before or quiet city streets. I don’t draw attention to the fact that there’s anyone inside, keep the blinds shut and lights dim. And once the doors are locked I sleep easy and waken in the morning … wondering where I am today! It has taken time but I’m adapting.


    • Exactly what you said!! I trust my intuition but sometimes that means driving for an hour to find that peeeeerfect spot that feels safe haha. It’s a lot easier when I have my bf or a friend with me, but it sure is rewarding when I wake up early with the sun streaming in and the birds chirping, knowing I made it all by myself through the night 😉


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