Dolphin Madness

This past weekend, Katy came to town and we hit the road for round 2 of the motorhome, this time with Sage along for the ride.   journeyfoot jayme sage toyota dolphin

dolphin toyota motorhome

We came across two different Toyota Dolphins in the woods. One encounter was a drive-by wave and honk fest between us and the other Dolphinites. The other took place on the river where both dolphins happened to be camping, so we had the chance to say hello. It was my second time chatting with a fellow Dolphin owner. The first was at a truck stop in South Dakota last June. There is something so special about seeing another one of these fun rigs on the road, and it’s an even better treat to end up at the same camping spot and have the chance to meet. toyota dolphin motorhome

Sage has taken to the Dolphin quite well the last two weekends!

And she loved hanging with Auntie Katy for the first time.

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