Saturday: Clutter + Cleaning + Barbie + Blogs

I am sitting in the middle of clutter all about. Sage chews her new bone with loud intent. Strange music comes from the other room. Kids playing at the park chatter up the remaining silent spaces of this room.

I am in the process of cleaning up my back office, a space that has changed much over the course of the ten months since I moved into this house. First it was pretty, with the desk centered on a beautiful colored rug and all the surfaces bare and staged.

Okay, that didn’t last long. Let’s get real. I went in another direction, deciding to embrace my true self and “style” the room as though it were the inner workings of my mind. [Ha!] After-all, this is my office and my workspace, not a pretty room to show visitors. So now the walls are covered in old pictures, maps, drawings, artwork. A large white board I can’t show you. The “white” of the board slowly shrinks as more and more colored scribbles grow in all different directions. You don’t want to see it.

All the surfaces are covered with books, papers, unopened mail, a coffee mug here or there. Behind the door, Midge the Barbie and her half dressed male counterpart stand watch.   Camping shit piles in the corner. There was once order there. I swear. Now it’s a blended mess of come-and-go, trading spaces between there and the motorhome or the back of my car.

I have been filing. Papers. It’s always been the thing that gets me. Writing. It’s everywhere. Lists. and more lists, which are often the same as other lists. The same bullet point. And I smile when I can cross some off. [I cringe when I can’t.]

I find ones I had written years ago. Here on lined paper attached to an old clipboard is one from late 2012 listing out company goals for 2013. Down below, in slanted scribble:

“People visit blogs to get back to a certain state of mind.”

Late 2012. When I was first starting this blog. It must have been just a thought I had, but now it leaves me thinking about its validity.

Why do I visit the blogs I visit?


When I head to The Noisy Plume, one of the blogs I visit most, I am going in order to be wrapped up in the experience of the small moments. Her words are pure poetry, and they string along into a beautiful song that leaves me full of art and wonder and gratitude. It’s as though she finds hidden words beneath peeled back bark or rippling river water. She writes the way I write to my journal, and if only I were as brave as her to share. She inspires that part of me.

I go to Godin when I need motivation or invigoration or a kick in the action ass. When I need to be reminded of why I am doing what I am doing and that fear is the only thing standing in my way.

I go to Raptitude when I want unique perspective and to get my analysis on.

There are many more, and yes, I go to them to see if I can squeeze out a certain kind of feeling or mode of thinking. Some inspiration. Guidance. Perspective.

Okay, other times I go just for the cookie recipe. 


Do you also read blogs to bring you to a certain state of mind? Is it inspiration, or motivation, or something else?

Why do people visit your blog? In what state of mind does it leave them?

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