Lavender Satchels, mmmm

Lavender is all I smell.

Katy visited back in July. While she was here, she showed me all the lavender growing out in my backyard where the dolphin is parked. I ended up picking a bunch a few weeks back and hung it upside down to dry.

make lavender satchel potpourri

Usually I am away on the weekends, but this weekend there was nothing on the calendar, and I was excited for that. I thought I might take Sage on a solo dolphin trip to Camano or Whidbey, but time keeps passing and I keep finding things to work on around here. It’s a lovely Sunday. Sometimes it’s nice to just be home doing stuff around the house.

While I was putting some tools away, I accidentally ran my head into the hanging lavender and little pieces dropped all over me. So I decided it was time to finish that project.

This was my first time ever doing anything with lavender, and I think I probably picked them too late. I didn’t know what I was planning on making, but just started grinding the dried pieces up in the little pestle and mortar I got from my cousin Thomas for a gift game one Christmas a few years back.

make lavender satchel potpourri

pestle and morter lavender make

It started to smell really good, so I decided to make a little potpourri something. I found some unused cheesecloth I had gotten last year when I hosted Thanksgiving. It ended up being perfect for making little lavender satchels.
make lavender satchel potpourri

make lavender satchel potpourriI tied on a clothes pin and attached a satchel to the potted plant in my bathroom.

We always used to keep potpourri in our underwear and sock drawers when we were little, so I popped one in there. (Will I get a diaper rash? hehehe. But seriously.)
make lavender satchel potpourriAny other ways that I can use my lavender? Please share!


  • Satchels…Sachets… i knew what you meant 😉 Love it! I have always wanted to make rice bags with lavender. I once bought a few for gifts and one for myself and I used mine at the office just about everyday in the winter for warmth and to relax…adding the lavender to the bag just makes it that much more calming. There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest!


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