Last Week’s Rainbow

IMG_9105The weather reminds me of fall and I am pulled back to a different time. A different season. A different way of life, though it is still my own. I am interested in the way we move through season; how our living changes. Our mood. Our routine. The time we rise from bed, and the time the sun rises from its place above another piece of the earth into our sky, on to our earth.

Yesterday I rode. And I want to tell you how the colors changed. How the sky turned. How I was caught underneath a juxtaposed sky of dark rain and bright sun, and how the world disappeared as soon as the rainbow arrived. And how my little shadow was intricately positioned in the very center of the horizon across which the rainbow hovered in her full, outstretched arc. Some things are too intense to detail, even when I want to try. And some things are so intense that when I decide I can’t, the details slip out anyway.

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