Quick thoughts on personal branding

Personal branding…. Weaving the life story together, in truth. The story of our lives. Our gifts. What we give. What we are here to contribute. What we pledge to show up for every day. The kind of work we want to do. What really makes us tick. What we enjoy. Our “native genius” and natural gifts.

That’s what we should be sharing with the world. We must. And the internet allows us to share who we are and what we are here to give with every other person that is also able to share who they are and what they are here to give. We can connect based on the truth of ourselves and our gifts at a much quicker rate than ever before. We are able to connect and collaborate to create the things we are meant to create in a way never before possible.

To me, personal branding is threading the fibers of ourselves into something that can be shared with the world. If it is in truth, everyone benefits. We ourselves are happier and fulfilled because we are doing what we want to be doing, the projects we work on are more interesting and passion-filled, the people we work with are satisfied because they are getting the best of us. We figure out who we are and what we want and what we are here to give, package it together truthfully and present it to the world. Then we just see what happens.

Our part is done. We did all we could.

Magical things happen at this point.


Kevan started a business this year. Thankfully he said I could help him with all the branding and marketing because I was salivating at the prospect of it. I believe whole-heartedly in everything that he is and everything that he stands for, which makes it so so so much fun to get into personal branding for Kevan. I know him and I see him. Going through a personal branding process, I believe, should be a spiritual and creative process. Reflective. Deep. Insightful. Honest. Getting real about who we really are up to this point in life, and what we’re meant to do.

It’s a cyclical process. Our personal brand is always evolving because we are always evolving, and the brand is just the authentic representation of us in packaged form.

The packaged form tells the story of our offerings.


I can’t help but see the story laced into everything I encounter. The need to capture it to tell the story overtakes me every single day. I see the beauty in every thing, in every place, in every person, and I want to bottle it up until it ferments into something else just as beautiful before pouring it into the glasses of others.


I see Kevan. The beauty of his soul. His righteousness. His integrity and sense of virtue. His craft. I see his excitements and his frustrations. I know what makes him tick. I know what makes him tank.

I know the world would be a better place if more people were like Kevan Walker.

I believe in him.

So I have been having the best time capturing all that is Kevan and packaging it into something he can present to the world as representation of who he is and what he has to offer. He inspires me every single day, and I want to magnify what he’s doing so that it inspires others. I want to tell his story. And he’s totally down, so I’m like totally in heaven.

Welp, that’s all. Happy Friday!

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