Fire and Pendulum

When I’m excited and creatively charged, all sense of routine goes out the window. I follow the spark and I pour on the gas.

Life, lately, is quick and crackling. Flames, bright and alive.

We’re planning our wedding, planning our honeymoon, coordinating summer travel, renewing passports, managing a couple businesses, wrapping up the house project and diving headfirst into all the fun adventures that happen at this time of year. In other words, spending money, working, staying up late, eating crap, maxing out our weekends, spending more money… but right now it feels good to have a lot going on, and the act of managing it all is fun. I’m in the best part of my moon cycle, and I feel aliiiive!

It is at this point, in past times, when I would keep pouring on the gas until I had nothing left and then the fire would burn out entirely, leaving me exhausted or sick. Now I have a better, albeit slightly, understanding of the importance of managing my resources. Now I know it’s only a matter of time before the pendulum swings and, if I’m not mindful, I’ll burn myself out.

So today I’m forcing myself to go to the grocery store and get back into the rhythm of making healthy meals at home. I guess I’ll go to the gym. I’ll make an effort to get a good night of sleep. I’ll take my vitamins and make time for rejuvenation. And maybe, just maybe, the pendulum won’t swing too far.

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