Journeyfoot is a collection of stories, thoughts and photos as I navigate the path of life.

Pretty much anything you read on this blog will fall into one of the following categories. These are my primary pillars of interest:

  • NATURE | OUTSIDE | OUTDOORS | WILDERNESS | ENVIRONMENT | MOTHER EARTH: Nature is truth. Pure. Natural. Balanced. I trust it more than anything. Whatever you call it, it is there to which I am drawn most strongly.

  • WALKING | JOURNEYS | ROAD TRIPS | TRAVEL | ADVENTURE | EXPERIENCE | EXPLORATION: Walking heals me. I am obsessed with hiking. I like moving in general. Any form. Foot, bike, ferry, car, plane, boat, train… I love the adventure of traveling from one point to another. There is excitement in not knowing what is going to happen next. And I am addicted to that.

  • PEOPLE | CULTURES | RELATIONSHIPS | PERSPECTIVES | CONNECTION | SOCIOLOGY: I believe in energy. I believe there is a great connection amongst all of us in both small scale and large scale. I am fascinated by people and perspectives. I am interested in cultures and sub cultures, how people relate and communicate. Social norms and customs, rules, stereotypes. All that shit.

  • SELF | REFLECTION | INSPIRATION | DISCOVERY | FEAR | ANXIETY | PSYCHOLOGY | LEARNING | GROWTH | TRUTH | PHILOSOPHY | THINKING | STOICISM: I have a degree in psychology. That should tell you enough. Thinking is my blessing and my curse. I’m overly analytical and definitely a bit neurotic. I search for meaning in everything. I constantly have to push through fear and anxiety on a regular basis, and I believe in conquering both. I’m on a quest to know. To understand. To be my best. To “live in accordance with nature.” The stoics called this virtue.

  • ART | WRITING | PHOTOGRAPHY | CREATIVITY | DIY | DESIGN | DECORATING | COOKING: Expression. The perspective of an experience.  Art is virtue repackaged. I have a need to capture a moment in words or photograph. I love creating and designing and building.

And that’s Journeyfoot in a nutshell. Take a look around and if anything interests you, feel free to share your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by!

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