The first year of Sage’s life is a bit of a mystery.

All I know is she was running around on a reservation in Eastern Washington with eleven new puppies and living in what her foster mom called a “squatter camp.” [I thought it sounded cool, and that it might mean she was accustomed to motorhomes and the outdoor life.]

The first time I met her, all I could think was “boobies!” I had never seen a fully engorged dog whose pups had just been adopted to new families the day earlier. Poor girl was leaking all over, but her sweet demeanor and laid back attitude won me over.

Since July 2015 she has been living the good life on the western side of the Cascade Mountains. She does indeed like the outdoors and the motorhome. She also likes squirrels, rabbits, ducks, birds and anything else that scurries quickly, even large leaves or trash blowing across the road.

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