I walk. I hike. I think. I write. I take pictures. I study life. I believe there is poetry in every moment.

Jayme Welch HereJayme Welch Journeyfoot

I am an ’84 baby from the Pacific Northwest with a thirst for adventure. I crave the great outdoors. Without writing, I’d be lost.

I believe in Stoic philosophy and am open to perspective. We’ve got one life to live and I’m determined to give it my best shot.

My Work

I work from home or coffee shops or the dolphin or sometimes the woods.

I am currently working on building Seventy1 Environmental and am very passionate about the impact of stormwater/urban runoff on the quality of our waterways.

I believe in the power of small business and operating for the common good. I’m interested in business theory and the blending of activism and entrepreneurship. Balance and harmony are vital in my version of success.


I spent my twenties slowly exploring different versions of myself in an effort to decide which one I should choose. It took me a whole decade to finally realize that I don’t have to choose just one, but can embrace all sides of me, even the contradictions.

Part of me is still that barefoot, laid back girl roaming the beaches of California or Australia or Spain. And part of me is the rugged hiker with matted hair and charcoaled fingers. Or the girl who sleeps in her motorhome and hasn’t showered in a week. And there is this other part, still, that likes to put on makeup, light candles and host dinner parties. Or make crafts. Or discuss business and plan events. Somewhere in there is the groovy dancing queen with wine-stained lips, though I see her much less these days. I am also part-hermit. From time to time, I enter solitude to ponder and reflect and write. There is the romantic. The emotional. The rough and tough. The sensitive and the strong. The fearful and the courageous. The traveler who feels free without a home and the dreamer who longs to build one.


  • You. Are. My. Kindred Spirit. I stumbled onto your blog by way of Pinterest as I am currently making plans to remodel an RV and shove off to Texas with my family in tow. We are on a journey to downsize, simplify, and begin living intentionally. Like you, I spent the greater part of my 20s searching for myself and now at 32 (an 83′ baby), I am finally seeing clearly. Like I was struck with lightening. I could write a five paragraph essay describing myself, but it would have already been written by you on this page. As I was reading your “About” page, I found myself with my chin propped in my palm, nodding with a lazy smile at the similarities. I love finding constant sources of inspiration in people across the country and the world. Keep on keepin’ on…..You rock!

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    • Hi Kate! Wow what a wonderful comment! I actually have to thank YOU for the inspiration. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I am even doing with this blog, and often it feels like I am just writing to the clouds. Every day I write, but it seems I rarely share any of it on this blog these days, mostly because of fear/vulnerability. But your words and your kindred spirit remind me to push through that fear because it all comes back to honesty, truth and connection, even with people I’ve never met. So thank you for reaching out and being a source of inspiration for me!

      I’d be interested to follow along on your journey if you have a blog or instagram 🙂


  • Hey Jayme,
    I just found you and your blog via instagram! This week I am becoming an owner of an ’86 Dolphin and I am so excited. The stories you’ve shared are super helpful and I look forward to reading more of your journey. Thank you for sharing. I hope to be creating something similar with my dog, Lemon, very soon!


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